A Pizzeria Restaurant in an ancient Roman capital city! Aquileia, an important Roman city of antiquity, retains its historical and architectural beauty, and every year it hosts more than two million tourists, who, in addition to its long history, appreciate that the city is close to Grado, the Island of the Sun.

The Pizzeria Restaurant Antica Aquileia, is placed in a strategic location, within walking distance from the archaeological excavations and a few kilometers from the sea, allowing you to enjoy a tasty and refreshing break by paying a fair price.

In our Restaurant you will find friendly and accurate service, with ample parking lots for buses and a garden with playground for children. We are specialized in serving groups of tourists and students, as we have 100 seats available inside the restaurant and 80 seats outside.

We also offer: Travel Guides by motorboat to the Island of Barbara, Tour of the Lagoon of Grado, hotels and hostels for your overnight stays.

Contact Info

33051 Aquileia (UD), Via Bertrando de S. Genies 2
Tel/Fax: +39 0431 918825
Email: info@anticaaquileia.it